Monday, November 25, 2019

Lower Back Pain Physical Therapy

Are you looking for low back pain physical therapy in Bergen County, NJ? Complete Care Physical Therapy specializes in low back pain physical therapy in Bergen County, NJ. Our physical therapy practice is owned and operated by dedicated Physical Therapists who have been practicing since 1996.

It may seem like Lower back pain is a common thing that everyone happens to get every once in a while and because of this people feel like they can ignore lower back pains and wait until it vanishes. Sixty to eight percent of the population suffers from the lower back time at least once in their lifetime and it is common. But in any case the pain should not be neglected and proper treatment should be taken.

More often than not a back pain may symbolize an underlying pain or disease that may sometimes be serious and also the pain that occurs for a prolonged periods of time may actually become more permanent if it not treated correctly and on time.

The seriousness of lower back pain can be categorized into three categories, they are Acute, sub-acute and chronic. Acute lower back pain is usually not very serious and will heal or reduce before 6 weeks. A sub-acute lower back pain lasts for anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks. And the ones that are more serious are the chronic back pain that lasts for more than 12 weeks and needs to be addressed by a doctor immediately.

There are different causes of lower back pain, some of them are due to an injury, sometimes it occurs as a side effect of taking medication for prolonged periods of time and in very serious situations it is an effect of an underlying disease that may be related to the kidney or the related organ.

One of the best ways to get your lower back pain cured of relieved is by getting a Physiotherapy done. In Physical Therapy the first thing that is done is to diagnose the problem and understand the root of what exactly is causing such pain or discomfort. Then the treatment to heal or cure the pain begins. The diagnosis may reveal anything to be the cause of Biological problems to Psychological problems. And is treated accordingly.

If you are looking for therapists to help you with your lower back pain problem around Bergen County, NJ, the Complete Care Physical Therapy center is a very good place for that. Equipped with experienced and trained physicians as well as the philosophy of patient comes first, they will surely be able to help you. This means that you will receive specialized care from knowledgeable, experienced professionals who understand your unique circumstance

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Shoulder Pain Treatment NJ

Are you looking for shoulder physical therapy in Bergen County, NJ? Complete Care Physical Therapy specializes in shoulder physical therapy in Bergen County, NJ.

There is a wide and versatile range of movement in the case of human shoulders. This is the reason that if something goes wrong with the shoulder, it severely restricts the capability of the person to move freely. At the same time, it may also result in considerable pain and discomfort. The shoulder has a ball and socket joint having three main bones. These are the humerus (long arm bone), the scapula (shoulder blade) and Clavicle (collarbone). A layer of cartilage provides cushion to these bones. The shoulder joint in the human body is the most mobile joint. It moves the shoulder forward and backward. At the same time, it also allows the person to move his arms in a circular motion or to move them up and away from the body.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to shoulder pain. The most common cause behind shoulder pain is rotator cuff tendinitis. In the case of this condition, the tendons are swollen. Another common cause behind shoulder pain is impingement syndrome. In this case, the rotator cuff is caught between the acromium (part of the scapula covering the ball) and the humeral head. The treatment options depend on the cause as well as the severity of shoulder pain. In case of certain treatment options, physical or occupational therapy is involved or a sling or shoulder immobilizer may be used. In some severe cases, there may be need for surgery. Medication may also be prescribed by the doctor, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines or corticosteroids. These are strong anti-inflammatory drugs that can be taken orally or the doctor may inject them in your shoulder. On the other hand, there are certain minor shoulder pains that can be treated at home. For example, in some cases, the pain can be reduced by icing the shoulder for several days.

You need to seek medical help if there is also fever, along with the inability to move the shoulder, heat and the tenderness, lasting bruising or persisting pain for a few weeks, even despite taking home treatment. On the other hand, if the shoulder pain is sudden and not related to any injury, you should seek medical help immediately as it may be a sign of a heart attack. Shoulder pain can also be a part of a long-term condition like osteoarthritis or polymyalgia rheumatica. Generally, the person suffering from rheumatoid arthritis have pain and swelling in the shoulders. Osteoarthritis is not much likely to affect the shoulders as compared to other joints unless there has been an injury in the shoulder earlier. If you are looking for a physical therapy center in Fair Lawn NJ, Complete Care Physical Therapy center has the best facilities and experienced therapists to help you.

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Physical Therapy Office

Physical Therapy

Are you looking for physical therapy office in Fair Lawn, NJ? Complete Care Physical Therapy is a physical therapy office in Fair Lawn, NJ with dedicated Physical Therapists who have been practicing since 1996.
Every day, people get sick or injured and these sickness or injuries have lasting effects on the body. The body naturally heals itself and tries to restore itself to a perfect state of well-being. This usually takes time and some help- this is why we have physical therapy. At Complete Care Physical therapy, the goal is to help you get back to full health, living without pain. Physical therapy may be required for different issues such as Neck Pain, Back pain, Sports Injuries, Hip replacement, Sciatica and much more.

At Complete care Physical therapy, we offer you:
  1. Personalized care based on your health condition aimed at recovery in a caring and therapeutic atmosphere
  2. Dedicated Physical therapists who help to preserve and restore body functions after an injury or surgery
  3. Constant monitoring and evaluation of our treatment method making sure they are in tune with the latest world practices and methods
  4. The latest medical innovation and technologies within our grasp for your treatment
  5. Develop and maintain a recovery plan dependent on each peculiar case
  6. Effective manual therapy techniques and exercise programs to restore patients to a healthy state

Steps to getting treatment

When your doctor recommends physical therapy and you come to us, here is what to expect
  1. A Physical Exam

    Our expert and efficient professionals will first conduct a physical exam to evaluate the situation while taking note of your medical history. You may not like it, but you will need to go through some tests that assess your muscle and joint motion and performance, Posture, movement and flexibility. This is so the therapist can pinpoint the exact problem(s)
  2. The reply

    After going through all those tests, you will get a clinical diagnosis, care plan and prognosis. Our therapist will also give you timeline estimates to achieve your goals in a short or long period. But the timeline is determined by the body part and illness being treated
  3. The Treatment

    This period of physical therapy is for treatment and care using all the tool and techniques required to restore you to perfect health
  4. Staying Healthy

    After you get treated and get better, we recommend self-management strategies to help you stay healthy. We also train you in exercises you can do yourself that will help strengthen the treatment
When people experience physical therapy, it is usually a very hard process that will require a lot of support physically, emotionally and psychologically. This is why our team is dedicated to offering clients the best quality treatment possible.

Apart from having the best physical therapist in your corner, as a patient, you need a lot of determination and grit to overcome the pain and progress to healing. No matter how effective the team is, your input is required to achieve total recovery.

We provide physical therapy for the following:
For more information about Complete Care physical therapy office in Fair Lawn, NJ, call Complete Care Physical Therapy at (201) 773-0404.