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Neck Pain Physical Therapy in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for neck pain physical therapy in Bergen County, NJ? Complete Care Physical Therapy specializes in neck pain physical therapy in Bergen County, NJ. Our physical therapy practice is owned and operated by dedicated Physical Therapists who have been practicing since 1996. This means that you will receive specialized care from knowledgeable, experienced professionals who understand your unique circumstance.

Neck Pain Physical Therapy

Your neck is an important part of your body as it is responsible for what your eyes can see. Hence, if you strain any muscle in your neck or you develop any kind of pain there then it can be very troublesome. Such a situation can limit your ability to perform everyday tasks and it can result in you losing your range of motion.

Anatomy of the neck

Your neck comprises of seven bones which are also called vertebrae. These bones are stacked on top of one another and between each of them is a spongy material which is called an intervertebral disc. These bones are responsible for protecting your spinal cord and they allow you flexibility. Because of them, you can have forward, backward, side bending and rotation motions.

Causes of neck pain

Neck pain can be caused because of several reasons like practicing a poor sitting posture or experiencing a car accident or sports injury which causes a painful condition called whiplash, or wear and tear from arthritis or disk problems. In any case, if because of any of these conditions you experience acute pain in your neck then you should go for neck pain physical therapy to seek some relief.

What to expect during neck pain physical therapy?

During your first appointment at the neck pain physical therapy, your therapist will conduct an initial evaluation in which he will gain info about your pain and your pain history. He will then perform certain examinations during which your strength, range of motion, posture, functional mobility, etc. will be tested.

Neck pain physical therapy treatment

Some of the common treatments during neck pain physical therapy include-

  • Exercise-

  • Your therapist may recommend some exercises to increase your range of motion and to strengthen your muscles and bones. This will help in decreasing pain.

  • Joint mobilization

  • Joint mobilization techniques can be used to reduce your pain and to improve your condition. They also help in offering you strength and in increasing your range of motion.

  • Massage

  • If you have tight and sore muscles that are causing you neck pain, then during your neck pain physical therapy your therapist might use massage techniques to offer you some relief.

    So, these are techniques and treatments that your therapist might use during neck pain physical therapy to improve your condition. If everything goes well then you should be fine and fit in the next four to six weeks.

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