Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Post Surgery Rehabilitation in Bergen County, NJ

The road to a speedy recovery tends to take time after your operation. Making sure that your limbs and body are functioning again is a main concern for you, the patient.  Where can you go to receive qualified post surgery rehabilitation in Bergen County NJ? You can find it at Complete Care Physical Therapy in Fair Lawn, NJ.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation in Bergen County NJ
Post-operative rehabilitation is required after an orthopedic surgery on the knee, hip, wrist, neck, shoulder, foot, spine, or ankle. At Complete Care Physical Therapy, our rehabilitation physical therapists are here to ensure that your recovery process is a swift one. We have provided post surgery rehabilitation for over 21 years. We give a hands-on, one-on-one approach to caring for your recovery.

We design a specialized post-op treatment that works for you. The human body needs specific retraining of the muscles after the surgery so it can regain  as much motion as possible as quickly as possible. Our physical therapists have the experience with conducting the right treatments so that your physical functions recover correctly.

Whether you've suffered from a fracture, sports injuries, arthritis, sprains, back and neck pain, amputations or more... Complete Care Physical Therapy is here to restore functioning to the affected area post-op. We establish a caring, therapeutic atmosphere for our patients. We want you to receive a speedy recovery, at a manageable pace with the hands on care of experienced professionals.

If you would like more information about post surgery rehabilitation in Bergen County NJ or you wish to schedule an appointment with Complete Care Physical Therapy, contact us at (201) 773-0404.

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