Monday, April 25, 2016

Sports Physical Therapy in Bergen County NJ

If you didn’t happen to catch what happened to Dan Winkler, the pitcher of the Atlanta Braves, this past weekend you can probably find a video online. Unfortunately, you may find the video a little difficult to watch. Immediately after Winkler tosses the pitch, he left the mound because he is in excruciating pain. The pain was diagnosed as a facture to his elbow. This news is the last thing Winkler or Atlanta Braves fans want to hear as it is an injury that will likely keep him from pitching for the remainder of the season. If it is not treated and cared for properly, it could be the end of his entire baseball career.

Complete Care Physical Therapy works with athletes to regain range of motion and flexibility following an injury or incident. Our sports physical therapy in Bergen County NJ focuses on the quality of our care over the quantity of patients we serve, enabling us to reach truly inspiring results by developing individualized treatment plans. We espouse hands-on techniques as well as leading physical therapy methods and practices to restore your health. 

The act of throwing something is one of the fastest movements that the human body is capable of doing. Apparently the angular velocity of a pitcher’s elbow is greater than 3,000 degrees per second during every single pitch. Imagine rotating your arm 360 degrees 20 times in a single second, this is what that motion does to your arm. Now imagine being a person who pitches several times during one day for multiple games during a season. With this information, it is certainly no surprise as to why pitchers sustain so many injuries and develop so many needs for surgeries.

We've worked with many pitchers in need of sports physical therapy in Bergen County NJ, understanding the importance of a speedy, full recovery to get you back to your training, profession, or hobby.

Unfortunately, Winkler of the Atlanta Braves will be facing anywhere from a few months to a few years of rehabilitation if he ever wants to have a chance at pitching again. There is certainly nothing wrong with taking an interest in sports and pursuing your passions. It is just vital for you to understand how much you are putting your body through. If you are the parent of a child who is involved in sports, you need to understand how much he or she is putting their body through. Taking care of yourself and getting sports physical therapy in Bergen County NJ after an injury is the key to making sure you can continue to play that sport you love so much.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Physical Therapist in Fair Lawn NJ

If you have chronic pain or an injury, you might think that medication is the only thing that can help. But you may want to consider physical therapy first.

A properly administered physical therapy regimen can effectively treat pain. It can also eliminate the need for drugs or surgery, improve your flexibility and balance, and help reduce the chance of re-injury. Choosing an excellent physical therapist in Fair Lawn NJ to work with can make all the difference in how successful your treatment is. 

At CC Physical Therapy, our passionate physical therapists combine individualized patient treatment and goal-oriented results to restore your quality of living and function. Our physical therapist in Fair Lawn NJ uses a hands-on approach to assist you in a healthy recovery. We accept a wide range of insurances to keep payments minimal and to more promptly work with you. When you are experiencing pain, loss of range-of-motion, have suffered an injury, or are recovering from surgery, our physical therapists are ready to help you back to health, celebrating your successes as you go!

Look for these four important qualities in your physical therapist.
  • Compassion: A physical therapist in Fair Lawn NJ should first and foremost be compassionate. You want to know that he truly cares about helping his patients feel better. If he’s hopping around from patient to patient, seems disinterested, and letting the assistants do most of the work, then he’s not right for you.
  • Hands-on skill: A physical therapist has lots of equipment at her disposal, but her own two hands should be her primary tools. She can help you move, stretch, and balance in the ways most beneficial to you. By using their hands, physical therapists get to know your body and can gently move you past limitations to encourage proper healing.
  • Diagnostic abilities: An excellent physical therapist will do some diagnostics before developing a program. He’ll see what your limitations are and what causes pain. He’ll also be able to identify any smaller issues that might be contributing to the larger issue. Then he’ll be able to create a total body treatment plan for optimal recovery.
  • Communication skill: There should be a constant flow of communication between you and your therapist. She will want to know what hurts, what brings relief, and how you’re feeling overall. If your therapist isn’t talking to you, then it’s time to find someone new.

Physical therapy is an excellent way to relieve pain and recover from surgery. But your therapy regimen is only as good as the therapist administering it. Find a physical therapist in Fair Lawn NJ with the qualities above and you’ll be on the fast track to being pain free.

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